Additional Services


  • For years, InterBrokService 2000 Ltd. has been cooperating with the leading Russian insurance companies having an exceptional reputation in the market.
  • We can provide you with an all-risk insurance package, or you can choose one of the options:
    - insurance against total loss of the entire cargo or any part thereof;
    - insurance against the risks during loading, unloading, and stay in temporary storage facilities.


  • For decades, InterBrokService 2000 ltd. has been cooperating with the most reliable companies in the field of product certification
  • We can assist you in obtaining certificates of origin, conformity, etc.

Statistical Declaration:

  • In accordance with the Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1329 dated December 7, 2015, "On statistics of mutual trade between the Russian Federation and the EAEU Member States", in the event of mutual trade between the Russian Federation and the EAEU member states, it is mandatory to submit statistical forms to the customs authorities in order to account for the movement of goods.
  • InterBrokService 2000 Ltd. offers to complete and submit statistical forms (statistical declarations) on behalf of the Client.


  • In accordance with Article No. 53 of the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union of May 29, 2014, products manufactured and put into the circulation on the territory of the EAEU shall be safe. Products that are subject to the enforced technical regulation of the EAEU (technical regulations of the EAEU) can be put into the circulation provided that they passed through procedures of assessment of compliance and shall be marked with the unified mark of circulation of products in the market of the EAEU (the EAC mark).
  • InterBrokService 2000 Ltd. has long-established relationships with a number of customs warehouses and can provide a package service of labeling of goods before releasing for free circulation at the customs warehouse with subsequent customs clearance under the seal of the InterBrokService 2000 Ltd. customs broker.

Additional Services