About company


The Customs Broker Ltd "InterBrokService 2000" dates back to January 1994 - since the creation of JSC "InterTamService."

  • The company management of "InterBrokService 2000" is consistently working to improve the quality of our service and to increase competitiveness.
  • At the present time, due to the rigid personnel policy, all specialists in customs clearance, working in the Moscow region, have experience of work on the specialty more than 10 years!
  • We use the advanced hardware and software products in our work.
  • Thanks to the on-line service, our clients have an opportunity in real time to track both the time of the arrival/departure of vehicles to the customs terminal (the service is also available in non-working days) and the time of the assignment of number of CCD and its issue; to receive the necessary information on the goods in the processed CCDs, as well as on customs payments. The client can save all the information on his computer (including in Excel format) before the arrival of a transport vehicle from the warehouse of temporary storage.
  • We draw up efficiently (on the same day) multicommodity CCDs (including more than 200 products in one CCD).
  • After the release of goods into free circulation, we send the specially formed report on the cleared goods to the client in on-line mode via e-mail. This report is in the central office and the warehouse until the arrival of a transport vehicle from the customs terminal.
  • We receive from you the necessary documents for customs clearance of your cargo (goods) and deliver the customs documents to your office.
  • We are always ready for discussion to optimize our services and we build individual relationships with each client.


We are ready to consider the possibility of opening our branch on the basis of an unlicensed Customs Representative in the regions:

  • imageSt. Petersburg

  • imageNovorossiysk

  • imageVladivostok

The presence of a certified specialist is a necessity!