The List of documents for registration of participants of foreign trade activities at the customs post

1. Charter of organization and it’s supplements. (copies)

2. Constitutive Contract and amendments to it or The Decision of Establishment. (copies)

3. State registration certification of organization. (copies)

4. Certification of The Inspectorate of the Ministry of taxes and levies (form №50003) of inclusion of record in the Unified State register of legal entities. (copies)

5. Tax Authority Registration Certificate. (copy)

6. Certificate of re-registration in accordance with the Federal Law of August 08, 2001 №129on The State Registration of Legal Entities for participants of economic trade activities, registered prior to June 01, 2002 (form R №570001) at the place of state registration of participant of economic trade activities. (copies)

7. State Committee for Statistics certification on assignment of codes. (copy, should not exceed 6 months)

8. Documents, confirming rights of ownership (certificate of ownership) and rights of usage of premises (Rental Agreement) at de jure and de facto addresses of organizations, including storage premises (if available)

9. Bank verification document on opening a bank account. (original document, should not exceed 1 month)

10. Bank verification document on opening a Russian rubles bank account. (original, should not exceed 1 month)

11. Report of Constituent Assembly on appointment of Head of the Company. (copy with passport data and original signature of the Head of the Company)

12. Order on appointment of the chief accountant. (signature and company stamp)

13. Identity documents of the persons, responsible for financial and business operations of subject of economic-trade activities (copies of passport of the general manager and the chief accountant), (signature and company stamp)

14. Labor contract of General Manager. (if GM is not a founder of the company) and chief accountant.

15. Certificate of registration in the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation. (for economic subjects with absolute foreign capital), (copy)

16. Work permit for foreign citizens, visa. (original and copy, if General Manager is non-resident of Russian Federation)

17. Permission for recruitment of foreign human resources. (original and copy, if General Manager is non-resident of Russian Federation)

18. Foreign-trade contract. (signature and company stamp)


Customs Clearance