Customs Clearance Services


Customs clearance services for legal entities ONLY

InterBrokService 2000 Ltd. is included in the Register of Customs Brokers (Representatives) (Certificate of Inclusion in the Register of Customs Brokers (Representatives) No. 0069/03 dated February 14, 2018).

The liability of the InterBrokService 2000 Ltd. customs broker to the Client is insured for 20,000,000 rubles by Insurance Joint-Stock Company ENERGOGARANT PJSC, Contract No.170000-044-000005 dated October 05, 2017.

InterBrokService 2000 Ltd. has been offering customs clearance services since 1994. The company was awarded the Best Customs Broker in Russia diploma by the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation.

  • It is possible to customs clearance of your goods at any temporary storage warehouse on the territory of the Russian Federation, including sea and air ports, through the EDCs (electronic declaration centers).
Import Clearance (1 cargo vehicle, 1 customs declaration)from RUB 8,000.
Export Clearance (1 cargo vehicle, 1 customs declaration)from RUB 7,000.
Clearance of additional sheets of Customs Declarationfrom RUB 500.
Assistance in the customs clearance
(photographing, weighing, searching the cargo for the item required)
from RUB 3,000.
Placement of a cargo in a temporary
storage facility in the customs control zone
depending on a TSF's pricing
Warehousing services (cargo handling, storage, parking, etc.)depending on a TSF's pricing

Our customs clearance service package includes:
- professional advice on customs clearance procedures;
- assignment of the FEACN codes;
- declaration of goods;
- monitoring of all stages of the customs clearance process;
- real-time monitoring of the customs clearance process;
- preparation of electronic reports for warehouse and accounting software;
- courier services.

Customs Brokerage

  • Expert evaluation of foreign trade contracts
  • Consulting on foreign economic activities and customs clearance issues
  • Preparation, review, and finalization of documents required for customs clearance
  • Classification of goods according to the FEACN
  • Obtaining classification decisions from the customs authorities
  • Obtaining veterinary, phytosanitary, and other customs clearance certificates
  • Electronic and preliminary declaration of goods in any region of the Russian Federation
  • Expertise in multi-item customs declarations, processing of invoices with large amounts of data
  • Payment of mandatory customs duties and other fees
  • Placement of cargoes in customs warehouses and temporary storage facilities
  • Reporting in electronic form, maintenance of the customs cargo declaration e-archive
  • Legal services in the field of international trade: representation of the Client before customs authorities and arbitration courts

Express (on the same day) clearance of complex cargoes and multi-item declarations (incl. those of 300+ items per 1 declaration) in the presence of the full set of documents required for customs clearance.

We use special software that allows generating personalized reports on cleared goods, compatible with the 1C platform, and instantly send them to the Client. Reports are generated in a format compatible with inventory management software.

One of our key priorities is the development, implementation, and further distribution of innovative and proven customs and logistics technologies: advance notification, e-declaration, remote goods release, periodic customs declaration, automated management systems, etc.

We offer exclusive services to large well-known companies: building our business processes on the most convenient for your company document management and data flow systems. We guarantee the exceptional quality of our customs clearance services.


Customs Clearance